• Why should I even clean my solar panels?
    Over time dust, bird droppings and debris can accumulate on your solar panels reducing their efficiency. Using Glass Science® Professional products will keep your solar panels working at the highest output possible.
  • What are the advantages of clean solar panels?
    Clean solar panels result in increased panel output as much as 5 to 30%. Solar panels protected with Solar Shield® or REPEL™ coatings will make them water & soil resistant for easier next time cleaning!
  • What is Solar Shield®?
    It is an ultra-thin, invisible, long lasting chemical-resistant barrier coating that bonds to the mirror & photovoltaic panels to improve soil resistance for optimum output.
  • How long will Solar Shield® last?
    Like with all coatings, durability depends upon the quality of the application, the degree of exposure and the amount of abrasion to which the surface is subjected. It will last for years on windows, mirrors, solar panels & skylights.
  • Doesn’t the rain clean my solar panels?
    Rain is not efficient at cleaning solar panels. When water evaporates on exterior or interior glass it leaves behind hard water minerals or salt that actually bonds to the surface; unless that surface is protected with a water & soil repellent coating.
  • How often should I clean?
    Glass Science® Professional Products including Solar Shield® & the all NEW REPEL™ products will allow you to Clean Smarter, Not Harder! The benefit of these “barrier” products reduces the adhesion of water, soil, dirt and stains for easier next time cleaning. Keep in mind, the barrier coating can diminish faster in inclement weather and for areas that collect dirt easily on the solar panels, it’s recommended to wash every few months. For areas with less dirt, it is recommended to wash them around 1-2 times a year.