Solar Shield: Solar Panel Cleaners and Coatings for Improved Solar Panel Efficiencies

The Unelko Corporation has pioneered the surface protectant category with its Invisible Shield, the world’s first renewable coating for the preservation, enhancement and preventive soiling of all glass, porcelain and ceramics. They also invented the Original Rain-X automotive product for improved visibility and driving safety.

Invisible protection for Solar Panels

Through extensive research and development, Unelko now offers Glass Science products specifically designed to clean and protect solar panels. Solar Shield® and the Repel™ Cleaner and Repellent features new 3D Nanocoat Technology. They offer invisible, long lasting, and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.


Glass Science’s Solar Shield repels water, soil & stains for easier cleaning and improved efficiency.


Unelko’s nanoscale repellent finish keeps water, soil & stains on top of the surface without penetrating for easier next-time cleaning.

Solar Shield Benefits Include::

  • Lasting protection keeps solar panels cleaner and efficient in between periodic washings
  • Products are easy-to-use in pre or post manufacture applications
  • Safe on glass, plastic or thin film panels
  • Prevents water, soil and mineral deposit buildup
  • Removes the toughest solar panel stains
  • Cleans, shields and protects panels in 1-step for easier cleaning and increased energy efficiencies
  • A single application lasts for years

“Solar Shield helps keep my solar energy system working at peak performance.” – Phoenix, AZ

“Solar Scrub removed heavy buildup from my solar panels. Other products failed.” – Los Angeles, CA

“Solar Shield Cleaner & Repellent works well with our automatic panel cleaning system”- San Diego, CA

With a consummate commitment to user safety and the environment, Unelko adheres to the highest standards to develop its products for the consumer and institutional user. We manufacture specialty cleaning and coating products that are safe, environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, VOC free and which are renewable without leaving any residue or buildup on the surface. Environmentally preferable “green” products…

Never use an abrasive soap- the goal is to get the glass clean and clear as possible so you do not want to scratch it.

A pool skimmer with a soft cloth on the end should reach the really high roofs. This is a perfect applicator to maintain solar panels.

Not only do solar panels themselves need cleaning, any framing around the panel should be cleaned as well.

Why should I even clean my solar panels? Over time dust, bird droppings and debris can accumulate on your solar panels…

Clean solar panels result in increased panel output as much as 5 to 30%. Solar panels protected…

What is Solar Shield®? It is an ultra-thin, invisible, long lasting chemical-resistant barrier coating that bonds to the mirror & photovoltaic panels…